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i havent really been updating this thing... ive been pretty good about keeping up on reading everyone elses updates though.

so. incase you are wondering .. here is whats going on in my life..

joseph and i split a few months ago. it was mutual. it was good. we still talk regularly and get along great. weve both moved on and at first i was pretty uncomfortable with that idea. but he seems happy with whatshername and i met a really amazing guy and things are good. dont want to jinx anything, but i am really very happy.

the makery is still alive and kicking. i have been pretty stressed out with all the store stuff lately, but this week has been nice and the weather is kinda leveling out so i have calmed down a little.
im quite tired. i am technically closed on mondays but usually end up coming in for a while to get things taken care of. im not burnt out. im just tired. i really wish i could take a long vacation but theres no way i can afford that any time soon.

i am going home to surprise my mom for mothers day. hillary and i are leaving sunday evening after i close and coming home tuesday morning before the store opens.. i am pretty home sick. i miss my family. i miss west virginia..

Help a sista out

My good friend Staci is taking part in the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation's Take Steps, a walk to cure Crohn's Disease and Colitis (collectively Inflammatory Bowel Disease or IBD).

There is at present no known cure for IBD. Treatments exist but not all are successful for all patients and many carry some pretty serious and scary side effects.

All donations, no matter how small, are very appreciated!

Give if you can.

Bejeezus Magazine is hiring

Bejeezus magazine is looking for a freelance advertising sales representative to sell ad space to local and national businesses.

Ad sales are crucial to the success of Bejeezus. We are looking to retain our current local advertisers, as well as expand our advertising base to national companies.

The ideal candidate for this position is self-motivated, confident, creative, and organized.

This is a commission-based position that offers the opportunity to set your own schedule and work from home.

Interested candidates should email resume to: info@bejeezuszine.com

About Bejeezus:
Bejeezus began in 1999 as an irregularly published cut & paste fanzine. Nine years later, it is now a full color, quarterly arts & culture magazine focusing on "reclaiming southern culture."

Bejeezus is published in March, June, September, and December.
Starting with our next issue in June 2008, Bejeezus be nationally distributed throughout the United States and Canada by Disticor Magazine Distribution Services. The magazine will be available in independent stores and national chains, such as Borders and Barnes and Noble.