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hey guys. i need your help. i posted about this a week ago and didnt get a response..

i am writing an article about maker/crafter grandmothers. did your grandma inspire you to make or maybe you just have some really awesome memories about her knitting, sewing, quilting, baking. ..

let me know.
email me at liptrama@gmail.com
Well my grandmother did ceramics but my mother was/is the crafter.
She did pretty much my entire wedding....including my wedding dress.
She mad all my high school prom/dance dresses.
hey flo! whats your last name?? i am going to try to get everyone included with a link to their website!
Sheffield is my last name.
my grandmother was a quilter and apparently when i was young i asked for a quilt made of this hot pink material. while she was working on it my parents divorced and i moved across the country...didn't see her for about 13 years. when i finally saw her after all that time she had the quilt for me. the color is god awful but it's my favorite thing in the whole world because she made it at my request and then held on to it for so long.
my great-grandmother (as well as my mother) inspired my sewing. she quilted and crocheted and when she passed away left me her sewing machine, fabrics, buttons, notions, etc. So I was influenced by what she made, and all the goodies she left me got me started sewing again and ultimately led to starting my business.