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i am single for the first time in my adult life. just puttin that out there..
Makers, Crafters, Designers - I need your assistance. I need some folks to help me out with some stories, how-to, review, etc for upcoming issues of Bejeezus Magazine. Bejeezus is the "guide to unpopular culture" and we need an awesome writers willing to come up with new fresh ideas for the MAKE section.

I have some story ideas I would like to assign and we also need some fresh new ideas from you.

Get in touch if you are interested and I can let you know what I'm lookin for.

for the next issue of bejeezus magazine our "how to" we had lined up bailed.. the topic for the next issue is remembrances. lemme know if you have any ideas and/or if you would be interested in writing. the how to should fit the theme.. so something to do with memories..unfortunately i would need this in the next day or two...
i marked some things down in the dearest inez etsy shop.

do some holiday shopping.. buy a little something for yourself.

Bejeezus: A Guide to Unpopular Culture.

Bejeezus began in 1999 as an irregularly published cut & paste fanzine. Eight years later, it is now a full color, quarterly arts & culture magazine.

Bejeezus Issue 10 will be out in January! Lemme know if you want to reserve an ad. The deadline to reserve and submit artwork is Nov. 3rd. (payment is not due until the 9th)

Check out Bejeezus and check out the media kit.

let me know
if you're interested in being in the next issue!
For those that don't know, I became the new MAKE editor for Bejeezus Magazine last issue! It is super exciting to be a part of such an awesome publication.
This past issue came out really great and the next issue, #10 out in January, is going to be even more awesome.

You should look over the ad details HERE and let me know if you are interested in being included in our next issue!
hey guys. i need your help. i posted about this a week ago and didnt get a response..

i am writing an article about maker/crafter grandmothers. did your grandma inspire you to make or maybe you just have some really awesome memories about her knitting, sewing, quilting, baking. ..

let me know.
email me at liptrama@gmail.com
come to the makery!

if you are interested in consigning with the makery please email submissions to melissa@ilovethemakery.com
wow. this has been such a crazy and exciting time for me. the makery is finally open. there was an opening reception friday night and the doors opened yesterday morning for the first real day. i am mentally and physically exhausted right now and cant wait to go home and sleep tonight. the store looks really cute and i must say i am really proud...
i forgot to take pictures at the opening, and i honestly have no clue where my camera is. but my friend amber was here from wv and she took some photos, so i will post some of those when i get a hold of em.

resting begins at 7pm.

anybody wanna write a how to for a magazine?? i am looking for something fairly simple.. journal related or photo related.... well.. something that could be interpreted as being related to memories and remembering. let me know if you have anything!

also.. if you were inspired by your grandmother/grandfather to start makin let me know pronto. i would love to hear your stories!

i need material pretty quickly. i have been overwhelmed with the store opening and all and i need to get this all in because the mag rules and i dont wanna let anybody down. also.. we always include a url so its free promo ya'll

holler at me