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i am so tired... tomorrow marks one week left at the day job and then start to my new life. its very exciting and very scarey.

this past weekend i went to the renegade craft Fair in chicago. i was there to sell dearest inez wares and scout consignors for the shop! i stayed with a sweetheart, leigh of rhymes with twee. and we ate lots of good treats. my neighbors were all really sweet.

so yes... really tired. drove a couple hours sunday night and got a hotel in indiana. monday we drove to louisville and i stopped by to look at an apartment and eat dinner with my friend andrew. THEN i drove back to wv. i loved the apartment. it was adorable and is within bike riding distance of the shop. BUT it might not be available when i need it... so.. the search continues. it has been really stressful trying to find a place to live and deal with everythign else. but its going to be awesome. joseph and i are going to work on the shop this weekend. we hope to get the floor painted!

i bought this light for the dressing area, but if it doesnt work out there i can always put it somewhere else. who wouldnt want a tulip over their head while trying on handmade awesomeness???

i also started making my paper mache mannequins tonight.. well. i started the first one. i think the will be cute.

If you are in or near Chicago this weekend you should stop by The Renegade Craft Fair! Dearest Inez will be sharing a booth with Hillary of Bejeezus Zine.

Noon - 10 pm Saturday and Sunday

On Division St. b/w Damen Ave. and Wood St.

Hope to see you there!

we just got home a bit ago from louisville. joseph and i went down to work on the store all weekend and we are worn out. it has been and will be a lot of hard work, but i really cant wait to get started. i dont really have any pics to show, but we did a lot of prep things that will make next weekend a lot easier on joseph. he is going down to work on the place while i am in chicago for the renegade craft fair. i put craft paper over the windows and made a little sign that said "The Makery coming soon!" it made me really proud. i should have photographed it. darn. anyway... lots to do this week. its going to be a really tough week. i have so much to get ready for renegade AND i have a billion things to do for the store. joseph has been really amazing helping me out with everything. i am a lucky gal.

ah yes. and if you are interested in consigning with The Makery please e-mail me at melissa@ilovethemakery.com.


this will be on my sign when it is finished!
I am driving down to Louisville this morning to get the keys to the future home of The Makery.

I made a flickr page so I can record the progress of the place. It doesn't look very exciting right now... but it really looks amazing in my head!

I hope you are considering consigning with the shop! E-mail me at melissa@ilovethemakery.com if you are interested.
I have so many things that I would like to carry that I have yet to receive a single inquiry about ( clothing, handbound books, etc...) so please don't be shy!

I will be out of touch today for the most part.

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are you a designer, crafter, artist, or maker of things? then the makery would love to hear from you!

the makery is a new shop in louisville, kentucky set to open this fall at 1617 bardstown rd. we are currently seeking things that are handmade and independently designed for consignment with our store.

contact melissa@ilovethemakery.com for more information.

please include as much information about your items as possible including links or photos of your work, information regarding retail prices, and info about you/your biz.


i was supposed to hear about the storefront i was trying to get by today. no word. so i guess its not mine.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

its been crazy hot here!

so i am having a sale on all tank tops. 

please stop by the dearest inez etsy shop and check them out. 

ON SALE now through Saturday August 11th.